Rockwool Insulation Division

This Pillar of PECL was set up in 1988 in Mumbai (India). Approximately two decades, for us, have been a success story like no other. We have pioneered and refined the art of refractory design, application, material selection and installation. Our successful execution of refractory, insulation, wrapping, coating, industrial painting & mechanical fabrication erection jobs has made us the market leader.

Even in the field of energy conservation, design detailed engineering, material sourcing, procurement and application of Refractories & Insulation we have left no stone unturned.

At Rockwool, it is our primary objective to deliver quality customized services to customers as per their requirements. We ensure all our customer’s needs are met within the contractual requirements. We also move one step ahead and see that the services are in line with international standards and practices and are provided at optimum cost.

For any plant to operate successfully and economically the right design, engineering, installation and planning are essential ingredients.

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